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Published 29/04/2005

I'm using the term coverall to distinguish them from the American bib and brace overalls. Ordinarily I would use the term boilersuit (as worn by people that used to stoke boilers) or overall. In the UK an overall is anything that protects your normal clothing:

They are many different types of overall

  • One piece, Boilersuit or Coverall or Jumpsuit.
  • Unionall (Australia)
  • Bib and Brace or Dungaree
  • Two piece (drivers) jacket and trousers
  • Warehouse coats
  • Hooded Coverall (used for fully body protection, PVC)

or Boilersuit
Bib & Brace
overall or
PVC overalls

They can be made from many different materials

  • Cotton (traditional material)
  • Poly-cotton (modern material)
  • Nylon (hard to find these days)
  • PVC (foul weather and chemical protection)
  • Proban (fire resistant)
  • Nomex (fire resistant, flightsuits)
  • Denim (hard wearing work-wear)

Boilersuits are still used by many industries today, and they have also become popular as a fashion item. There are now a variety of different styles of boilersuits available, and they can be worn for a variety of different occasions.

Here are some of the key features a boilersuit.

  • Durable Boilersuits are made from durable materials that can withstand wear and tear.
  • Functional Boilersuits have a number of pockets for storing tools and other items.
  • Loose-fitting Boilersuits are loose-fitting, which allows for freedom of movement.
  • Versatile Boilersuits can be worn for a variety of different occasions.

The exact origin of the boilersuit is unknown, but it is believed to have been invented in the late 19th century. The garment is thought to have originated in the United Kingdom, where it was originally worn by steam boiler workers who needed a garment that would not get caught when they climbed into the boiler chamber through a tight crawl hole. Boilersuits were designed to be a practical and durable form of workwear, and they quickly became popular with other industries, such as the military and the automotive industry.

Boilersuits are made from a single piece of fabric that covers the entire body, except for the head, hands, and feet. They are typically made from a durable material such as denim or canvas, and they often have a number of pockets for storing tools and other items. Boilersuits are typically loose-fitting, which allows for freedom of movement.

If you are looking for a practical and durable piece of workwear, then a boilersuit is a great option. Boilersuits are also becoming increasingly popular as a fashion item, and there are now a variety of different styles available.

In the States an overall is what we in the UK would call a bib and brace overall or a dungaree.

The Australians have an in-between garment, called a unionall; This is an overall without arms, with a vest type top. Coveralls are called Combination or Combo overalls.

I am interested in the one piece variety, boilersuits or coveralls and jumpsuits as they are called in the States.

By any other name

  • England: Boilersuit, Overall
  • US: Coverall, Jumpsuit
  • Germany: Schlaz
  • France: Combinaison
  • Finland: haalarit

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