Where to go to see coveralls

Where to go to see coveralls

Published 29/04/2005


Coveralls (boilersuits), certainly in England seem out of vogue at the moment.
There was a time when you could pop along to Halfords, or Wicks stores, and be greeted by a nice young chap, dressed in a coverall. I remember spending many a happy hour, browsing around.

In terms of fashion, I hear that they are "in" again, with many fashion houses producing a jumpsuit in their collection, so that's your excuse to wear them out.
I remember, when they were "in" during the 80's. All you had to do is buy a baggy pair, and wear a thick belt, everyone was doing it.
Alternatively, you could have gone along to an army surplus store and bought a flight-suit.

Good places to see guys in coveralls


  • Road workers, although a lot of them just wear hi-vis jackets or waistcoats.
    Lots of broadband fibre optic works going on in London at the moment.
  • Building sites (generally not in summer)
  • Cement mixer drivers - some wear orange hi-vis
  • RAC breakdown assistance engineers - Blue and silver coveralls
  • Water/Sewer workers - Normally disposable white coveralls over blue their coveralls
  • Ambulance drivers and paramedics - green one-piece jumpsuit (sadly only a few counties that still issue these).
  • Lord Mayors Show, only once a year, but a great chance to see loads of coveralls.
  • Railway workers in orange hi-vis; especially in London at the moment for works on Crossrail/Thameslink especially around Tottenham Court road, Blackfriars and Farringdon Stations
  • Motor Mechanics in your local garage
  • Stornoway - isle of lewis
  • Aberdeen - Loads of oil workers in hi-vis coveralls

Rest of the World

  • Finland, all the students wear overalls in the universities. The 1st of May "Vappu", is the best time, when there is a big May day celebration.
  • Australia (Victoria) - State Emergency Service (SES) are volunteer rescue workers and wear orange coveralls.
  • USA - worn by Ambulance workers

Do you know of anywhere else ? tell me in the coveralls survey or leave me a comment in my guestbook

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