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The subject of this site is my interest in coveralls, boilersuits and industrial workwear in practical use

Published 29/04/2005

It the largest part of the site is my collection of photographs taken of working men in real work situations, in their coveralls. The site also has sections of scanned images of coveralls from magazines and brochures. Theses sections are subdivided by type of coverall e.g. jumpsuits, flight suits, hi-vis, PVC etc.

The Resources section contains a list of manufacturers and suppliers of protective clothing and industrial wear in the UK and overseas, which I keep up-to-date. A new feature of this is that these addresses can be exported in vCard format into outlook

Another ongoing feature are my personal reviews of coveralls that I have owned or been asked to review buy suppliers, giving scores for comfort, price and functional design. Please get in touch if you wish me to review an item of workwear for inclusion on the site.

The Feedback selection allows other like minded coverall fans to: -

  • Leave Contact Ads, to get in touch with other coveralls fans
  • Leave Feed back on the Guestbook/Forums page
  • Take part in some on-line surveys to determine what guys really like about wearing their coveralls.

Over the years I have built up a large collection of coveralls/boilersuits, many just plain, some with company branding, mostly from the motor trade, and the rest, my favourite type, hi-vis coveralls..

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