Corporate Workwear Survey

This is a brand new survey about what type of workwear/PPE your company provides, and your preferences

Corporate Workwear Survey

Q1. Does your Company/Business require you to wear some specific items of workwear

Q2. Did your Company provide you with your workwear?

Q3. Did you Company contribute to the cost of the workwear?

Q4. If your company requires you to wear workwear or PPE, what is the reason?

Q5. What workwear do you regularly wear?

Q6. What items of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) do you regularly wear?

Q7. What do you prefer to wear?

Q8. What items of hi-vis do you wear?

Q9. Is your workwear Company branded?

Q10. What is important to you about your workwear?

Q11. What is your profession?

Q12. And Finally?

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