Frequently Asked Questions

Published 12/10/2013

If you have forgotten your password

  • You can reset your password if you have forgotten it and are not logged in by going to Profile->Forgot Password in the menu.
  • Enter your email address (the one you used to to register or place an ad).
  • Click the [Send] button and a password reset will be sent to your email inbox.
  • Open up the email in your email client and click the link Reset Your Password in the email.
  • Enter your new password twice in the password boxes, click the [Reset] button.
  • Then login with your email and new password.

If you wish to change your email/login

  • You can change your email address by logging in with the email address you registered with. If you have forgotten your password, first follow the procedure above. This is assuming you still have access to the email you originally registered with.
  • Then select Profile->Change Email/Login name from the menu.
  • Enter your new email address and click the [Reset] button,  at this point you will be sent a new email validation email. Follow the steps below to validate your new email.
  • You will then need to use this new email address to login in to the site with in future.
  • If you no longer have access to your email address, and wish to resurrect your account, then please contact me.

Validating your email address

  • After registering on the site you should immediately receive an email titled Registration coveralls.co.uk - Email Validation.
  • Open up this email in your email client and click the link Validate your Email Address in the email. If you don't see this email, try looking in your span or junk folders
  • The email can be resent by going onto your Profile->Edit Profile page

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