Overall Survey Number 2

Questions about what you like like to do while wearing your coveralls

Thanks for answering the questions in Survey #1, using your answers and comments I have come up with some additional questions for those who really get a kick out of wearing their coveralls/boilersuits

If this is not you, try the new corporate workwear survey

Survey #2

Q1. How did you first come to like coveralls?

Q2. What do you like to do in your coveralls?

Q3. How do your coveralls get dirty?

Q4. What do you like to wear underneath your coveralls?

  • If you ticked the first answer to all questions, then you need not worry, you are quite normal.
  • If however, you ticked any other of the questions, and especially if you ticked lots of them, you have a real thing for coveralls/boilersuits, and you should email me immediately.

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