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  • Green boiler suit

    - Mark3 from Liverpool says ...02 months ago

    I like these but which company makes them or where are they for sale?

    • Mark ( from London on RE: Green boiler suit says ...02 months ago

      Hi, They look like KLM overalls or a copy of their style.
      Cheers Mark

  • double front zipped coveralls

    - scruffyworkgear1 from south west london says ...05 months ago

    I don't really understand the point of these - can anyone suggest what they are about?

    That said, I do find some of the guys wearing them very attractive!

    • Mark ( from London on double front zipped coveralls says ...05 months ago

      They are based on parachute overalls. The zips run down the legs so you can quickly don and doff them without having to remove boots or having to step into them, UK power networks operatives wear black ones. They are popular in France. Delta sell them.

      • scruffyworkgear1 from south west london on RE: double front zipped coveralls says ...05 months ago

        I think I may already have replied to this from my phone, but many thanks for this - you are a real mine of information!!

    • workgear from Madrid on double front zipped coveralls says ...04 months ago

      I find them really hot but they can't be found here in Spain, unfortunately.

  • What brand are these?

    - SteveInDonny from Doncaster says ...11 months ago

    I spotted these on the motor transport website, they appear to be a mix of coverall blue on the back with yellow hi vis front and black reinforcements, any ideas?

    Cheers, Steve

  • Disposing of gear

    - scruffyworkgear1 from south west london says ...22nd of April 2021

    See my profile for details

    • Rbbrnylon on Disposing of gear says ...06 months ago

      Did you get much interest?

      Have you re-homed all your gear?

  • Coverall Brand

    - Jamiemboy from Rotterdam says ...5th of February 2021

    Hi all! Does anyone recognize the brand of these blue/orange coveralls shown in the video ?

    • Mark ( from London on Coverall Brand says ...5th of February 2021

      Hi Jamieboy,
      The Yellow and Grey ones are clearly Wenaas.
      The orange and blue ones at the start I can't quite make out the logo. I thought they were Frisads at first but now I'm not so sure, what do you think ?
      It's not the Mascot logo either.

      • Jamiemboy from Rotterdam on Coverall Brand says ...6th of February 2021

        Thanks! Yeah I found out its an old(?)/former logo of Fristads.. also they dont produce this exact model anymore sadly :(

  • Muddy Coveralls

    - Mark ( from London says ...17th of October 2020

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  • Waterproof Gear

    - Rbbrnylon says ...6th of September 2020

    Hi there everyone just wondering who like waterproof gear and if you do what your favourite bit of gear?

    I love the extra protection and the sweaty nature of waterproof gear. And I love a smooth surface inside the gear.

    What do you love about it?

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    • dazza65 on Waterproof Gear says ...8th of September 2020

      Nice. I always wear waterproof trousers and trackies mate. Can't get enough of them.

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      • WorkerScot from Highlands on Waterproof Gear says ...14th of October 2020

        What do you like wiht them do you like just to wear them or what about with other boilrsuits/coveralls underneath

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        • Rbbrnylon on Waterproof Gear says ...06 months ago

          All the above! If layering gear the proofs are always base layer for me!

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          • WorkerScot from Highlands on RE: Waterproof Gear says ...06 months ago

            Must be even sweatier if the waterproofs are underneath id wear waterproofs ontop! u had much fun lately? whats ur totalnow? i reckon 26 boilersuits here, 2 coveralls 1 riggers 2 wellies!

  • Disposable coveralls

    - Jezza boiler suit boi from Liverpool says ...11th of July 2016

    Hey guys, I was just wondering is there anyone in the Merseyside/Halton/West Cheshire or even Manchester area of the UK who likes wearing disposable coveralls, Tyvek, Macrobond, 3M etc?
    I have over 40 pairs and was just wondering if there is anyone else into the same and would like to meet up :-)

    Cheers guys

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  • My Coveralls/Jump Suit

    - Tully from Antwerpen says ...20th of June 2016

    January this year the Japanese company I work for decided that we would all have new uniforms. Working mainly in a office was surprised to go from no uniform to what they called a jump suit, really a fancy coverall. Trainee's which I am have to wear yellow. Designed to be worn over your undies and white t shirt, they provide the t shirts, it has what they call a mandarin collar, two zip, elasticated waist and writs, its quite shinny sort of nylon type finish, yet sort cotton feel the inside of the suit. I thought I would hate it, first couple of weeks we all moaned and I suppose I was anti as it was imposed on us, now I love it and it really turns me on. Never had to wear anything like this before, can't believe how horny I feel wearing it, only thing I am not keen on is the colour.

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    • Mark ( from London on RE: My Coveralls/Jump Suit says ...20th of June 2016

      Hey Tully, thanks for sharing, your company jumpsuit sounds really horny. I've always wanted a job where I could wear soething like that, Will the colour change when you are not a trainee ? Do you have any pictures of the jumpsuit ?
      Cheers Mark

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      • Tully from Antwerpen on RE: My Coveralls/Jump Suit says ...21st of June 2016

        Yep they are cool, quite hot this weather actually, ha. Colour changes to black I think, that would will be better.Cheers Tully

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        • Mark ( from London on RE: My Coveralls/Jump Suit says ...21st of June 2016

          Sorry think our messages crossed? spooky
          Any pics ?
          Cheers Mark

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  • Old picture updated for Hi Vis

    - GreatWesterner from Bristol says ...7th of June 2016

    They have re-created an old picture of an american skyscraper being constructed, this time in London with Hi Vis:-

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    • Gearjanner from Plymouth on Old picture updated for Hi Vis says ...2nd of July 2016

      If only your version could be bought like the original.

  • can anyone help me get work/experience in overalls?

    - _dirtypigboi_ from Dundee says ...25th of May 2016

    ideally i'd love to work in industrial cleaning (oil tanks, oil platforms, pressure washing etc) or possibly farm or truckwash cleaning. i'm too old to start an apprenticeship and i have autism-related learning difficulties which has held me back but i'm a hard worker and just need someone to give me a chance. no dependant family and can leave home for extended period if required.

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    • WorkerScot from Highlands on can anyone help me get work/experience in overalls? says ...27th of May 2016

      Get onto your job centre about work exzperience!

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  • Street cleaner & refuse collector

    - Franz Muller from Berlin says ...19th of February 2016

    Those jobs drive me totally crazy. Are you also like this?

    Would you like to become a street cleaner or refuse collector?

    I'd be happy to discuss with you about my fantasy.

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    • jonesy from London on Street cleaner & refuse collector says ...1st of September 2020

      Yes, they drive me crazy too

  • What has happened to Us

    - WorkerScot from Highlands says ...30th of December 2015

    What has happened to boilersuit loving guys?
    Wellies waders riggers mud etc, guys seem into it and enjoy it but what happened to boilersuits (or coveralls) No one ever really seems into them these days! Are there still guys who will pull on their dirty boilersuit and just sit back in the house and relax in it?
    Would love to find some guys that are 100% boilersuit!

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    • mud67 from Croydon on What has happened to Us says ...30th of December 2015

      I still enjoy changing into an ovie when I get home. I'm wearing one now as I type this and will wear it in bed too.

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      • WorkerScot from Highlands on What has happened to Us says ...14th of October 2020

        Almost 5years later and still nothing! muhc seems happening in boilersuit land anymore. Builders and workie don't wear them much, never mind guys wearin them for pleasure!

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  • Dog Walker in Tain

    - WorkerScot from Highlands says ...10th of July 2015

    Saw a guy walking a dog in hivis in Tain last week, no sure if it was a boilersuit or not, was he wearing the gear for fun?

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  • hi vis waterproof one piece suit

    - richard from swansea says ...2nd of July 2015

    Does anyone know where I can get a hi vis one piece waterproof suit.

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    • WorkerScot from Highlands on hi vis waterproof one piece suit says ...10th of July 2015

      Anywhere online! type it in on google.

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  • Best places to purchase coveralls/overalls

    - Christopher says ...18th of May 2015

    Hi all,

    Does anyone know a good site where I can purchase some quality coveralls at reasonable prices. I found a great site called EXP Workwear; just wondering if anyone knew of any others.

    Chat to me fellas.

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  • London & south-east meet up (one sat or sun lunchtime)

    - ZYX123 says ...9th of May 2015

    I've just posted a msg (below this?) asking if other workgear/waterproofs fellas know of clubs where you can wear gear. But it just occured to me...

    Meet up?: I'm old enough to appreciate I've been into this since childhood and I'm not going to outgrow it. Are there a few other fellas on this site who want to meet up in gear for a sandwich and coffee at a motorway services outside of London one Sat or Sun lunchtime?

    I doubt we'd all feel comfortable if it were too conspicuous, but reckon 'workmen' in gear wouldn't look out of place having sandwiches and a chat at the end of a carpark or on benches outside. No single location's going to suit everyone, but figure somewhere like South Mimms Services (M25/J23 - outside North/West London/Potters Bar) would work well for many as fellas from south and south-east UK ccould get there, as well as guys from London. Just an idea... feel free to leave comments as to feasibility, whether you'd be interested, etcc. I'm not sure anything fancy would work, else it becomes a hassle. Just really to put faces to profile names and feel like you're not alone in yr gear. I don't know if Mark ( has tried this before, or has any ideas/comments to make? Feedback please?

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    • Bill2 on London says ...1st of August 2015

      Have only just read your message about a group meet up. Good idea mate. South Mimms services should be easy for most fellas in london /Seast

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    • Mark ( from London on London says ...2nd of August 2015

      South Mimms Services sounds like a great place to meet, I'm in. Been there a few times in gear, cheers Mark.

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  • London Clubs and Gear

    - ZYX123 says ...9th of May 2015

    I've got loads of workwear/waterproof gear, but there seem to be few places you can wear it.

    The clubs I've been to in gear include SOP ( and The Hoist (

    Anyone got any others where workwear/waterproof gear is accepted and widely worn by other fellas?

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    • Gearjanner from Plymouth on London Clubs and Gear says ...18th of September 2020

      The Bunker Bar, Old Street.

  • Coverall Heaven during Kingsway fire repairs in London

    - Mark ( from London says ...12th of April 2015

    Over the Easter weekend, there was, what I can only describe as a United Nations of Contractors, all working furiously to re-cable Kingsway and the surrounding area. This made for many great photo opportunities. I will be putting up some of these pictures shortly.

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  • one piece waterproof overalls

    - Fatboy from swansea says ...12th of April 2015

    Hi there,

    I'm looking for good quality waterproof overalls, can anyone tell me what's the best to get please?

    • Mark ( from London on one piece waterproof overalls says ...12th of April 2015

      I could recommend the Super B-Dri Coverall from, also have always made great waterproof coveralls.
      I've also heard good things about the Dickies Waterproof Padded Coverall (WP15000).

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    • ZYX123 on one piece waterproof overalls says ...9th of May 2015

      Do a search on eBay - there's loads of gear there. I prefer the "used" section. Also, eBay's very competitive, and prices reasonable. But if you like something, but it costs more than you want to pay, if it doesn't sell wait for it to finish/click the 'contact seller' link/make an offer to the seller. I've got 2 items of my favourite gear that way.

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  • Hard hat use guys who enjoy wearing hard hats

    - David says ...3rd of February 2015

    Just into overalls but wana chat to like minded in to hard hat use I'm well into hard hat use any u men like to chat

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    • dodger from London on <No Subject> Hard hat use guys who enjoy wearing hard hats says ...24th of February 2015

      Wear an use a hard hat every day m80 - part of me PPE an me image now! Proppa gear fer proppa workies.

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  • Disposable coveralls

    - richard from swansea says ...16th of October 2014

    Just started wearing disposable coveralls as part of my college course and I'm loving them.

    They come in green, yellow, blue and red

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    • Jezza boiler suit boi from Liverpool on Disposable coveralls says ...11th of July 2016

      I know this is 2 years late, just seen your post I LOVE disposable coveralls and have over 40 pairs :-). Do feel free to message me :-)

  • New Kasabian video

    - Aaron2 says ...1st of May 2014

    Yeah! :-)

  • Flexothane Thermal Overalls

    - Aaron2 says ...12th of January 2014

    Looking for some feedback on this coverall which I am considering purchasing for work in winter/spring time rain and colder temperatures. From the descriptions I have read it seems like a great flexible, waterproof and durable material. Do you think it's worth purchasing? I work outdoors all day and I am looking for a suit for cold, wet days. Any advice appreciated. Thanks, Aaron

  • Dirty Overalls

    - Tyr from Manchester says ...1st of January 2014

    I'm 18, and I've started to develop an interest in overalls, especially used, dirty ones. I was wondering if anyone could give me any advice on how I might go about getting some used, dirty coveralls for myself. I don't really know anyone who wears them, but I really want some. It might be an idea to get new ones and dirty them myself, but I'd much prefer it if someone else could do it for me ;)

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    • WorkerScot from Highlands on Dirty Overalls says ...1st of January 2014

      Hey mate im 18 too and i have to say that the easiest option is to buy new ones and dirty them.

      • harry2 on Dirty Overalls says ...4th of January 2014

        try ebay you shod get themj ther

        • WorkerScot from Highlands on Dirty Overalls says ...4th of January 2014

          yes there is loads of overalls (& hivis suits) on Ebay

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  • hi vis bib overalls

    - Fatboy from swansea says ...25th of September 2013

    does anyone know where I can get myself some yellow hi vis bib overalls cheaply in swansea?

  • youtube chanels

    - WorkerScot from Highlands says ...15th of December 2012

    Anyone got any youtube channels or a profile on any other sites where there are photos/videos of gear (boilersuits.hi vis/boots etc?
    i have one, its called boilersuit hivis and i hav a few videos on it if your interested

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  • boots and coveralls

    - 2Btiedup from Winsford says ...24th of November 2012

    Hi guys, just found this site and have enjoyed browsing through the photos. For me it's all about the total image of seeing a guy in dirty kit and boots, and the boots kind of seal the deal. I wear boots for work all the time and have loads of pairs to choose from. I also love the whole environment where guys work, especially portacabins or mechanics/tyre fitter places. These days its hard to find any potacabins as they've all been replaced with sealed container types, but I've enjoyed many sessions in dirty portacabins in the past. There must be guys who have access to places like these who share the same pleasures.

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    • aaron3 from New England, USA on boots and coveralls says ...29th of November 2012

      Hi Connor - I've been a fan of the site and its creator for many years. I work in an outdoor environment year round where I also am required to have arc flash protection...many great options. I highly recommend Helly Hansen Canada. I worked extensively in the Hurricane Sandy environment in the northeast US a few weeks ago and I agree with you about the great energy in a male-dominated work environment. Drop a line any time - Cheers, Aaron

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      • Mark ( from London on youtube channels says ...26th of February 2013

        Hey Aaron, Thanks for the comments and the link to the great video,
        Cheers Mark

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  • New uniform

    - Chaz from Bristol says ...19th of November 2012

    Had a shock today, started my new job and was told I had to wear a basic uniform when I had the interview. The job is a what they call a manual operative. When I arrived I had to strip off all my own clothes and hand over in a bag. I was then given some disposable boxer shorts a disposable coverall with socks attached a green pvc chemical coverall with hood, bright green chemical boots. To make things worse all was with a number on and manual operative on it, plus a wrist tag. I have never felt so degraded and humiliated. After just two hours I was still at a desk doing heath and safety with 3 others dressed the same. We were all so hot as the pvc suit had elasticated wrists and ankles and the zip started at the top and not at the bottom, there is a Velcro oever flap so you had have the suit zipped. They then said we had to go to Swindon for part two of the first day. This we did and then they stopped at the motorway services and we had to get out of the van and go in, in all this gear. Of course the line manager was wearing work trousers and polo shirt. Everybody was looking, it felt really weird. I have to wear this for at least 3 months, we do get new disposable boxers and coverall underwear everyday. It was so hot and just felt really awkward, don't know if I can stick it out. I thought I liked wearing coveralls, so be careful what you wish for.

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    • Mark ( from London on New uniform says ...19th of November 2012

      Hey Chaz, Thanks for a great story, sorry to hear that you are not enjoying it, I guess when you have to wear all that gear it might be a different story... Do you think you will stick at the job ? I'd love to see a pic if you in the gear... for my eyes only of course... Cheers Mark

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      • Chaz2 on New uniform says ...22nd of November 2012

        Update; No I can't say I am enjoying it... if you were playing about in this sort of gear you put it on for may be an hour and wear it where you want, The difference is when I have to put it on and wear for 9 hours, where ever.. Well I have stuck it out for 4 days now wearing this for 9 hours a day and it has been tough. It really hit me on the second day when I knew I had to put it all on again... Tmro find out what department I will work in for next 2 months 3 weeks, will still have to wear the same gear.

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    • coverall lover from Canterbury on New uniform says ...23rd of November 2012

      I wonder if this is a fantasy as I am not sure you would have to dress in all that kit to do a health and safety induction for a few hours, and then go out dressed in it,
      Like riot cops, that have all the gear but do not spend every hour of their day in it.
      Just a thought.

      • Chaz from Bristol on New uniform says ...23rd of November 2012

        No such luck, I can assure you it is for real, I do agree it does seam unreal. The people that are in charge seem to not understand. 4 of us started on Monday and I think 2 will be left on next Monday. If I can find another job I am off as well.

        • coverall lover from Canterbury on New uniform says ...24th of November 2012

          well, it does sound kind of kinky.....
          what is the job you do? it sounds almost like when i worked in a nuclear power station for 2 days

          • Chaz from Bristol on New uniform says ...24th of November 2012

            I can assure it is not kinky, well not to me. The work is at a chemical company.

    • _dirtypigboi_ from Dundee on New uniform says ...8th of April 2015

      sounds like heaven to me...

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    • Mud Lad on New uniform says ...14th of March 2021

      It sounded like actual Hell, my God. 3 months you had to do this for. To be fair if it was really hot, it sounded like somebody could've gotten heat stroke. Did you ever find a different line of work?

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  • how I started

    - Chris2 from chesapeake says ...25th of July 2012

    I got issued a pair of coveralls when I joined the Navy. Often on deployment, we would take our coveralls off and just hang the on a hook on top of each other's coveralls. one time we were awakened in the middle of the night for a mandatory roll call. I was in such a hurry, I accidentally put my bunkmate's coveralls on and he did the same thing. we didn't find out about this until we showed up for was then i realized how much I liked wearing coveralls and looking other men wearing them. now I wear coveralls all the time and in the winter, a one piece long underwear suit with the flap in the back...there ain't nothing finer than seeing a sexy man wearing a pair of coveralls or bib overalls..

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    • Helmet1 from Dublin on how I started says ...08 months ago

      As a teenager got a job on a garage forecourt, initially filling petrol and washing cars. Issued with red overalls with reflective stripe. Company logo on back and badge on front. Different jobs since with various levels of PPE. Travel to work on motorbike so wear bike gear and helmet over the overalls. Last few months have been working on mechanic training course with prisoners in local jail - they wear standard navy overalls with name badge while I wear orange hi viz overalls ( looks like I’m the prisoner sometimes!)! As the garage we use is just outside the prison complex they arrive and leave handcuffed

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  • uk men prisoners in jail

    - harry2 says ...24th of June 2012

    Q,what do you guys think of uk prisoners weaing track suits & soft traners , wood you rather have them in ( COVERALLS ,OVERALLS ,BOILERSUITS )and working boots .

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    • Mark ( from London on uk men prisoners in jail says ...24th of June 2012

      Yes, I much prefer the orange jumpsuits that have become synonymous with prisoners... although the yellow/green boiler-suits that high security prisoner wear in the UK are not bad.

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      • richard from swansea on uk men prisoners in jail says ...9th of November 2012

        yes your right but i think that the pink ones they wear in that prison in america where all the inmates live in.

        now that would be a sight to see

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        • Mark ( from London on uk men prisoners in jail says ...9th of November 2012

          Really, They wear pink ones, do you have any links you could share ? cheers Mark

        • Mark ( from London on uk men prisoners in jail says ...10th of November 2012

          Hi Richard, I've found a supplier if you are interested in buying some pink coveralls -&nbsp; "These jumpsuits, coveralls, are the genuine article imported from the US from the main supplier to US correctional institutions. It is said that pink was originally ordered by a governor who wanted to disgrace unruly prisoners!"

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          • richard from swansea on uk men prisoners in jail says ...10th of November 2012

            thanks mark

      • Helmet1 from Dublin on uk men prisoners in jail says ...08 months ago

        Especially with prisoner written on the back

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  • Nylon Boilersuits

    - Mark ( from London says ...18th of June 2012

    How many of you like wearing nylon boilersuits? I prefer a thicker weight nylon, which seems harder to find these days. Either way they are very horny.

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    • WorkerScot from Highlands on Nylon Boilersuits says ...19th of June 2012

      I like the feeling and i think they are ideal for wearing around the house on a warm day

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    • Darren Thomas on Nylon Boilersuits says ...17th of August 2012

      Hi, I too love wearing the thick nylon boilersuits with a good full elasticated back. It is the combination of full elasticated back and ballooned out arse that really gets me going. The swishy sound of the nylon and the feel and shine on them makes the nylon boilersuit stand out on their own. As I say, I really love that balloooned out arse they have, cotton and older polycotton just don't have that look. Very hard to find them now, I think it is because too many guys were getting turn on at work by both wearing them with just underwear on or seeing other guys with them on. Would like to meet other guys who love these nylon boilersuits to go about together in public wearing a pair.

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    • Baggy2 from London on Nylon Boilersuits says ...27th of October 2012

      Yes, I like wearing nylon boilersuits, preferably really baggy ones. I like wearing them outside.

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  • Sleeping in coveralls

    - harry3 from scotland says ...15th of May 2012

    do any of you guys sleep in coveralls

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    • Mark ( from London on Sleeping in coveralls says ...15th of May 2012

      Yes, I've always enjoyed sleeping in coveralls, especially with a new pair, that's still crisp and factory fresh. They make you feel snug and secure. Sometimes I don't last the whole night though, and have to take them off, as I'm not used to sleeping in clothing.

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    • harry2 on Sleeping in coveralls says ...18th of May 2012

      at the moment im sleeping in a welders weldprotctor roors boilersuit 100% hevy cotten its so smoth agenst my skin i dont wear nothing under it ,

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    • OneInWhite from Staines (West London) on Sleeping in coveralls says ...17th of June 2012

      I have slept in coveralls for a number of years, I only like wearing immaculate whites though, having had various Alexandra ones over the years I now wear Dickies Redhawk (style WD4839) as they seem to be a more comfortable fit

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      • OneInWhite from Staines (West London) on Sleeping in coveralls says ...08 months ago

        I now wear a white Alexandra one with short sleeves, turns out that I have got a form of autism diagnosed last year and the white colour and feel of the coveralls is so relaxing…

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    • richard from swansea on Sleeping in coveralls says ...10th of November 2012

      yes i love sleeping in them especially my hi vis orange ones. it gives me the felling of warmth and comfort that pajamas dont give me.

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  • How to get a job working in Hi-Vis

    - Roll from London says ...26th of April 2012

    Anybody knows, how is the easiest way to get a job as a labourer where they wear orange hi-vis or how to be a rubbish collector?? I wanna to try the jobs, with their uniform!<br /> Thx

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  • Hi Vis

    - Martin says ...10th of April 2012

    Hi guys anyone interested in hi vis?

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    • ZYX123 on Hi Vis says ...9th of May 2015

      Yep - a lot. There's nothing like seeing major roadworks going on on a damp day - with all the workmen and engineers in hi-viz waterproofs - esp hi-viz waterproof trousers

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  • Corporate Wear

    - harry2 says ...10th of April 2012

    why is it now the trend for corporate wear instead of overalls ( boilersuits ) ??

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    • Mark ( from London on Corporate Wear says ...11th of April 2012

      Hi Harry, I don't know why the current fad for corporate workwear is now all polo shirts, fleeces and cargo pants... bring back good old boilersuits I say

      • Mark3 from Liverpool on Corporate Wear says ...2nd of May 2012

        Couldn't agree more! I think its a "workwear fashion" thing - young people probably felt more comfortable in stuff that looked like casual clothing than workwear so it has caught on. But fashion has a tendency to come back round, maybe in a few years more guys will start suiting up again. Maybe the look could even go mainstream casual... We can live in hope! :)

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    • GreatWesterner from Bristol on Corporate Wear says ...19th of July 2016

      I don't much go for corporate coveralls, with one exception John Deere. If we were to vote for favourites the one bottom left on this page gets my vote:-

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      • WorkerScot from Highlands on Corporate Wear says ...20th of July 2016

        I'll give you that, John Deere coveralls are really good looking and I look forward to gettin into a pair!

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  • How you Started & How many

    - Mark ( from London says ...4th of April 2012

    Hi Guys, Lets start a new topic Tell me how you first got an interest in coveralls ? How many do you have ?
    Cheers Mark

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    • Mark3 from Liverpool on How you Started says ...2nd of May 2012

      Its a mystery to me exactly how and when my interest started, I just accept it and enjoy!

      I own about 12 boiler suits, also a USAF flight suit and various other items of one piece clothing. The collection is growing faster than I can wear them out. Dickies are a personal favourite.

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    • OneInWhite from Staines (West London) on How you Started says ...17th of June 2012

      It all started for me over 20 years ago, my first job as an engineer with GEC meant we were issued with white coveralls (the designated colour for engineers at the time), before then I had never worn coveralls at all. I soon liked wearing them, later on I acquired more as I worked in different jobs. Then I found they made great \"nightsuits\" for sleeping in. So I now have about 15 in total (a mixture of long/short sleeve white, navy blue, Dickies and Alexandra make), also got some \"special\" white ones for wearing at the Goodwood Revival, did reduce the number I had because of lack of space......

    • GreatWesterner from Bristol on How you Started & How many says ...15th of April 2016

      I suppose it all started about forty years ago. A mate used to drive skip lorries for a firm of fellmongers. If ‘fellmonger’ is unfamiliar to you they are someone who gets rid of all the unusable bits of a carcass once the butcher has finished with it. Not only butchers in this case but vets’ failures and knackers’ yards too. A smellier load you won’t find on a UK highway. I fact you won’t find open skips in use these days either. Anyway when I had some spare time I went as driver’s mate and was given an old pair of green coveralls he had finished with. After doing this I decided I liked the idea of driving commercial vehicles (unlike busses their loads don’t complain about the driver) and took my HGV1 test.
      Here Catch 22 kicks in, you may have your licence but no one will employ you until you have got some experience. You can’t get experience until someone employs you. There is however an answer, Agency Driving.
      As an agency driver you are the lowest of the low. Maybe a different firm and a different truck several times a week, sometimes you fall lucky and are kept on by one company, maybe then even offered a full time job with them. I figured that the one way to stand out was to present a professional appearance and so I bought some smart light grey coveralls and had a patch sewn on the breast pocket saying ‘Driver’. I think that’s why, even now, I prefer to keep my Hi Vis clean and smart.
      Also at that time my mate and I got more serious about motorbikes. Out in all weathers we wanted something more waterproof than most of the gear was in those days. In a sports shop we found Rukka PVC sailing one-piece suits and found these were ideal over leathers and jeans. Someone else must have made the same discovery and these days Rukka are big in biking wear.
      Over the years I then did some voluntary bike road safety work with various police forces and learned a lot about riding and protective clothing. I started wearing Hi Vis on the bike too, I had of course also worn it when truck driving and in ports and oil refineries. Usually yellow sometimes blue and yellow.
      A Cop once let me into his secret about keeping Hi Vis clean. He reckoned that only original Daz has the chemicals to keep it really bright. It works for me but don’t use too much in an automatic washing machine as the foam will go everywhere. Less is best!
      Having discovered that fabric coveralls were very practical and very comfortable I was never without a pair when just working in the garage. Usually that was all I wore with steel toed boots.
      When I retired I found I missed meeting people at work and volunteered at a local railway. Here I had to pass a personal track safety exam and to work on the track had to wear orange Hi Vis. Interestingly yellow is not allowed as it does not show up against the trees along a railway. So depending on the work I am doing I now wear orange jacket and trousers and white hard hat or for inside work orange coveralls. For chainsaw work I also have green chaps filled with long fibres that stop the chainsaw if cut. I also have the type of Chainsaw boots that are too shiny to let the chain cut them. The orange jacket is useful for van driving too as it gives some protection getting in and out of the van and other van drivers give way more often if they are in Hi Vis too.

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      • Mud Lad on How you Started & How many says ...14th of March 2021

        This was really a great read!

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  • Dickies Deluxe coveralls

    - Sean Hannon3 from Belfast says ...25th of February 2011

    Hi all. Just love to be geared up in my Dickies Deluxe coveralls with hardhat, waders and gloves

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    • Mark ( from London says ...25th of February 2011

      Hi Sean, That sounds fun, what colour are they ?
      Regards Mark

    • Mark3 from Liverpool on Dickies Deluxe coveralls says ...2nd of May 2012

      The Dickies Deluxe overalls are great. Been a big fan of Dickies since I bought a pair of black Redhawk overalls a few years back.

      Mine are a 36 tall in green from Ebay (I'm quite skinny and prefer a tight fit with no clothes underneath) and they are the best fitting overalls I've ever worn. Unfortunately I think Dickies have recently changed the sizing of the deluxe overalls to S M L etc instead of the more precise chest measurements. Would love a pair of these in every colour, they are great. Couldn't recommend them more if you like a nice fit!

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      • WorkerScot from Highlands on Dickies Deluxe coveralls says ...22nd of March 2014

        Hie mate
        when you say you are from the North west do you mean Scotland (where i am from?

    • Mark ( from London on Dickies Deluxe coveralls says ...25th of May 2012

      The review of the Dickies Redhawk zip front coveralls is on the site...

  • Website

    - Mark ( from London says ...17th of April 2010

    Hi Guys, You can now leave your comments to me or each other here

    • hivizskin from LIVERPOOL on Website says ...11th of May 2010

      Ello this site still current? There are no dates on any of the contact ads so not sure if they are a month old or a decade old?
      Very nice site and just the sorta stuff I am into. So would defo like to put summat on the contact page if the site is still up and running.

    • countrylad from somerset on Website says ...25th of October 2010

      what a wonderful site to find on the web this rainy damp day. love your pics some very * * * guys and shame ur not nearer to share some of your collection with me. i have obtained a few pairs of overalls over the years some new n some older used which are the best.

    • Tim from Chicago USA on Website says ...17th of January 2011

      Came across this site again today after not seeing it for a while. Still as horny and great as ever. Laid out differently i think and a little easier to view the pics. Keep up the good work. Looking at some of the dates etc it seems to have restarted. Great that its now being updated with pics that i have not seen :)

    • Tim from Chicago USA on Website says ...29th of January 2011

      Love the new look website - great work! Keep the photos coming!

    • Tim from Chicago USA on Website says ...7th of April 2011

      Hello Mark, I love your website. It is tremendous! Lots of guys in their coveralls working, getting wet or dirty and lots of outdoor scenes! I can't get enough. How would I go about editing my contact message. When I try to email you it does not go through. Any suggestions?
      Thanks Tim

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    • Mark ( from London on Website says ...20th of April 2011

      I've just changed the ad system to obscure email addresses from be scraped by bots.

      • Steve from Ely on Website says ...16th of October 2013

        It says I can edit my ad, which needs updating for age and locatiuon. How do I do this?

    • Mark22 from North West on Website says ...18th of July 2011

      Hi Mark, Nice to see you have updated the site and added some new pictures. Have you thought of having a section of the site where visitors can add images of their own? It would be great to see many pictures contributed from a variety of sources here, this being one of the few sites which cater for people with an interest in men in overalls and workwear.

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    • Rbr49uk from Nottingham. on Website says ...7th of October 2011

      Hi Mark,
      Just wanted to say 'Thanks' for a great site of some real guys wearing coveralls. Particularly like the Truck Washers, well protected and filthy work gear. I used to wash cars in the late 1960's for the '5 Minute' carwash group, they kitted us out in heavy duty pvc two piece suits with the logo on your back. Hard work but enjoyable and there was a great group of guys all kitted, all enjoying the work. Not sure if they appreciated the gear as much as I did though ;)
      Thanks again Rbr49

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    • rob steele from Peterborough on Website says ...20th of October 2011

      Cool site love pics. :D

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    • Martin on Website says ...11th of December 2011

      Great site, find this really interesting! didn't think i would be into this but i was wrong. are there any other sites like this?

    • andymacg from West Midlands on Website says ...19th of December 2011

      found here by accident and love it :o

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    • Mark ( from London on Website says ...22nd of August 2020

      I've Finally Fixed the Forum!

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