How it started for you

Why and how you first came to like wearing coveralls

  1. I remember being thrilled with the original Lost in Space series, when the guys wore the silver space suits in the first episode. For some reason I've got a major fetishism for the metallic looking suits, throw in matching boots(pant legs tucked in of course) and gloves and I'm in heaven.

  2. As long as I can remember I have loved to look at men in dirty overalls or coveralls. I often worked the graveyard (midnights) shift as site security and I would dress up in other guys gear and beat off. Now I work as a miner so wear grungy coveralls every day. They have hi-vis reflective stripes on them, but they are basically cotton-poly blends. I used to work in a coal mine and I have a couple of sets with their logo on them.

  3. I've been a fan of fetish gear of all sorts for a long time. Full body wear is the key. Coveralls, PVC, wetsuits, rubber catsuits, leather motorcycle gear. I have vast tastes when it comes to wearing overalls and catsuits of various materials. I watched Lost in Space all the time! I preferred the Dad to Don West in those silver suits. I've seen other space shows (hell, Doctor Who has some VERY GOOD space villains in similar coveralls and jumpsuits).

  4. I liked those pictures of the silver-coveralled people because I've my extreme fondness of the tv series, "Lost In Space" in which they wore fire-fighter's racing car coveralls whenever the Robinsons were in space.

  5. I remember first being interested in overalls about 12 - we lived behind an engineering company. They had a wire mesh fence and from the bedroom you could see into the side of the plant where the wide doors were always left open. The men wore navy blue heavy overalls - they looked brilliant in their steel toe capped boots or wellies in the winter and these filthy overalls. The summer was particularly good when they wore them open to the flies with nothing on underneath.

  6. Overalls really turn me on. Like you I bought my first overall as a kid from my pocket money I'd saved for it. I was 14 then. I did some holiday work at a nearby farm and those blue overalls made me totally hot. I kept fantasizing how it would be like to have sex in them with that horny farmer. Unfortunately it never happened :But putting my overall on made me have an hard on for the whole day.

  7. My interest was first aroused when I used to visit Halfords, and see nice lads all dressed in tight grey overalls. However, my interest has recently been rekindled as a result of our new dress code at work. We used to wear collar, tie, shirt etc. Now, we all wear blue overalls.

  8. I got into the industrial clothing thing through my love of rubber since I was 4. Instead of going toward latex I became more inclined towards industrial gear (rainsuits, hazmat gear, masks, but not really into full encapsulation though) then the guys who wore them, then any man in general who wears a hard-hat

  9. I had to chance to visit a shipyard when my friend's father invited us along. We could clamber around the ship in our normal clothes and had to wear the shipyard-provided overalls. Helmets were provided too, of course. So I spent the whole of that morning going around the ship in white overalls, the designated colour for engineers. It was, to say the least, GREAT!

  10. I think, upon reflection now, of those street crews, especially during the hot and sometimes humid summer months. Then, overalls may have been the only things that a guy wore! And it showed! You probably can imagine a strong man who was contained in a pair of overalls, but at the same time his body revealed through the chest area and side openings.

  11. I started collecting overalls when I was quite young. I remember that the local street sweepers wore blue nylon overalls, and for some reason, something just clicked and I really wanted one. Finally I summoned up enough courage to ask if I could have an overall for my birthday, and I was taken to a shop called Millets and got my first overall, a size 36" nylon overall by Clares.

  12. When I was about fourteen I think it was, one of the lads at school, a bit older than the rest of us, in the changing room would show off his cock when he had a hard on...and if the sports teacher had gone, we used to persuade him to have a wank. He didn't take much persuading. He got a summer job working at the sports ground. During the holiday, a gang of us met up with him in our old changing room. He was dressed in fawn overalls and black rubber boots, and I remembered being very impressed because he looked like any working bloke.

  13. I first got into overalls in my teenage years. I was brought up on a dairy farm in Devon, UK. So as a result they were always worn while working on the farm. All the farmers in the area would wear overalls. They were normally navy blue or green cotton. Some guys wore "tractor branded" such as red Massy Ferguson etc. I find overalls particularly sexy when worn with Wellingtons.

  14. I'm a photographer and have always been interested in men in protective or industrial clothing, especially in dirty or hazardous conditions: mud, oil, drilling, coal, construction, water, grease etc. Up to now my main subject matter has been bikers, as I'm a biker myself.

  15. I guess I have always just liked them as a fashion thing, or maybe its more the guys inside of them. I like wearing them too...

  16. I've loved overalls since a teenager as well, and have probably over two dozen different types. i love the feel and the look of them.

  17. I'm interesting in all kind of work gear, overalls, rubber boots, rain-wear, gloves, helmets etc.I am part time farmer and use overalls and rubber boots every week.

  18. I visit changing rooms on building sites the night...! I like used overalls, wear it as it as, go to the catacombs of Paris or sewers with it and black waders...

  19. I am not sure at what age I got turned on by Overalls, but I love to see guys in them now. I also give guys a second glance when I see them in Overalls. I love to wear mine as often as I can. unfortunately my job does not involve wearing overalls, wish I had a job that did.

  20. As for my interest, well, it's not just overalls but workwear generally - boots, ex-army gear, jeans, etc - preferably used/dirty. Not too sure when I got interested in this really, but I think it was when I was in my late teen/early twenties.

  21. I used to get a great kick from wearing overalls under ordinary clothes and going out somewhere secluded and then walking around with the overalls on. I used to go to garage workshops and ask for old pairs of overalls and occasionally get lucky and was given some that were well used and also fitted me, (being tall it has always been a problem getting used overalls to fit).

  22. Well the attraction of overalls/coveralls.. began when I was in my early teens or perhaps before.. I grew up on a farm, and so there were quite a few men who wore them.. In particular the feed delivery guy would come and put his on.. I would watch him with intent.. They were green and I just was attracted to them.. Along the way.. There was a neighbour who would travel alot by on his tractor (or as I would pass his house) I would see him always in coveralls.. they were blue or green.. Really sexy.. And also one day in particular I remember I passed his house and he was outside wearing a green pair, which was kind of tight and it looked like that was all he had on (nothing underneath..) and he always wears the same rubber boots, which look very sexy on him.

  23. The sound, smell, sight and feel of a waterproof (c)overall is overwhelming!! I naturally have a large selection of waterproofs in every conceivable style! Helmets, hoods, and rubber boots and gloves are also a necessity if to be well dressed! I love to watch well.

  24. My love for overalls started quite some years ago. I used to work on a farm during the weekend. The farmer noticed that I went home every evening with dirty and muddy clothes, so he bought blue overalls with a zipper for me. I remember it was in summertime. I had never worn them before, but when I put them on, I noticed what pleasure it was to feel it. I had to do some work in the ditches so I also had some rubber boots on. Because it was a warm day I putt off my shirt so I could feel the cloth on my skin. When the work was hard, I became sweaty and also putt my jeans off. Then I could feel my overalls all over my body. When I went back to the farm, my overalls had become dirty places round my butt, knees and front. I liked the feeling. Since that time I adore them either they are tight or loose. I love to look at people wearing overalls in all kinds. I still have my first blue overalls. However there's not much left over (ripped round the knees and elbows).

  25. When I was 14 years old.the son of a farmer wore an old muddy overall while he was working. since that time my wish to contact and meet men who wear those working-gear grew.

  26. I am mostly into PVC gear but I like lots of stuff from the whole fetish spectrum, including tight rubber, spandex, boots, fire gear, safety helmets. Exactly where my interest in overalls (or worker's gear in general) started I'm not sure, but I got a bland khaki coloured one from a friend and found the slightly rough cotton against my skin a very nice sensation, totally unlike the stickiness you get with pure PVC (which is great in itself).

  27. I have been interested in overalls for 30 years, having been in the Royal Navy for 22 years had many opportunity to wear them and see others wear them. They have had various styles during that period, Zip up and Velcro some better fitting than others, More recently we had white action coveralls which were a double thickness material In case of fire etc.

  28. I first got interested in coveralls in my early teens, when my dad hired this man to work on our farm, he wore a fisher strip cover and I thought he looked so cool in them. Then I went out and bought my first pair of coveralls. I have fisher strip, grey , royal blue, navy blue, khaki , orange and one pair of brown duck insulated . I also have one company pair, that is John Deere. In my coveralls I like to go for walks, play some games, work, and last but not least my favourite While we're tied up in our coveralls me and my friends like do spanking each other, while we are hog tied and tied to chairs, tied to trees in forest behind my house.

  29. My interest in overalls evolved gradually over the years since when I was quite young, under 10 for sure. My first attraction were the men in winter coveralls and parkas as shown in the Fall and Winter catalogues of Sears and Eaton's. With the advent and popularity of snowmobiles, this interest accelerated dramatically. Unfortunately, overalls were not part of my life in my young days on the dairy farm east of Ottawa. So, when I left home, that surely was a priority to pursue. I naturally gravitated to surplus and second hand stores to gawk at all the overalls on display.

  30. I wore my first pair of rubber boots at age 10, when I worked with dad, delivering coal. I geared up in black wellies, coveralls, gloves and a belt and the combination of these just made me swell with pride. There I was with my dad and I was allowed to get dirty and dusty - boy heaven. Later on I developed a taste for tight coveralls and rubber waders. Several pairs of waders were always around, for power washing the trucks and the yard. I would stay behind, with some of the other lads to clean up. We would be in coveralls, long rubber gauntlets and rubber chest waders. The yard would be clean, but we ended up filthy, greasy and wet. It was a very good time and no-one noticed the wet patch in my coveralls!! I still run the business and I get to hire and fire new workers. I interview prospective new employees and I usually employ those that will look good in our new company uniform. That is, Dickies Deluxe Coveralls, with optional rubber gloves and a wide black belt. I still get geared up on every possible occasion, especially when I get the chance to induct some new boy worker!!

  31. From my dad wearing them working on farm and would secretly slip into them sometimes.

  32. When i started my panel beating apprenticeship

  33. While I was an engineering apprentice.

  34. When i was a little boy dressed in overalls.

  35. An ex-boyfriend was a paramedic and he was fantastic in these tight short sleeved jumpsuits with a nice tight belt around the waist.

  36. I think that my fascination with overalls stems from my childhood. During my generation, overalls were quite trendy on the playground in kindergarten. All of my first crushes wore overalls, and early sexual exposure I received through that just caused the fixation to stick with me throughout my life!

  37. Walking the dog as a kid, I used to go pass a local garage just to see the guys in their filthy overalls.

  38. Had to wear them for my job

  39. I grew up on a farm so coveralls were always around. I find them manly and comforting.

  40. When i wanted to be a farmer.

  41. Twenty years ago I started my first job with a large company, then a part of the British GEC. Working as a commissioning engineer. I was issued with two boilersuits with our company name logo. Of course in true British tradition these were "engineers whites" to portray a professional and clean image to our customers. Working at several large steelworks over the next couple of years, it was also clear that the colour of overalls uniforms and hard hats represented the trades or disciplines (similar to at a shipyard). I remember that electricians wore blue and engineers had white. This job came to an end with the demise of British Steel and I got involved in the water industry. Here the issued workwear was (and still is) generally navy blue trousers with navy blue polo shirts and fleeces, as well as yellow hi-viz jackets. I still got to wear overalls occasionally, most notably in Hong Kong and Macau in 1997 where I had obtained some very smart short-sleeved pale blue ones for use in tropical climates, and for extreme winter cold I had a padded/thermal one. These were subsequently worn more when gardening/doing my allotment than at work. It was the diagnosis of an under-active thyroid condition around 10 years ago that lead to the most important development in this story. Having an under-active thyroid, one of the symptoms is that I would frequently get cold at night when in bed. One particular night I had put on extra clothes and was looking for something else, there was one of my original white boilersuits in the wardrobe so of course I put it on as well. Somehow it felt very special and of course that was the answer of what to wear. I think it was the feeling of being completely covered and of course being in one piece there was no draughty gap at the waist.Eventually I wore one every night over pyjamas, but as it was in secret at first I would put in on immediately before bed and take it off as soon as I got up. Perhaps I thought there was something strange/weird about doing this at the time, but have since seen via the internet and that it is not that unusual. So now I wear a boilersuit openly at home or when away, this is for times where other people would wear dressing gowns etc. such as in the evening after having a bath/shower, whilst in bed or when unwell. Once people realise that I "have to wear the special suit for medical reasons" it has always been accepted. I came up with the word "nightsuit" to describe the night wear. I prefer the Alexandra W210 range as it is 60% cotton 40% polyester and a more comfortable fit with stud fastening, (always in white of course) and IT has to be absolutely immaculate and clean at all times. I have of course got others, but this is my favourite and I normally buy a new one from Alexandra after two years when they begin to wear out. I have taken and worn these around the world, for example on the sleeper trains in China and Australia as well as in hotels and guest-houses. One day I would like to go on the Emirates A380 in the first class bedrooms, wearing IT of course..... My collection now includes: - 1 x white cotton engineer's boilersuit from 1990 with Cegelec logo on front and back, well worn as it was my first one. 3 x Thames Water white boilersuits, made by CCM, issued in 1999, no longer available, old Thames logo on pocket, barely worn. 2 x Thames Water navy blue boilersuits, flame retardant finish by Wearwell-Swift Workwear, barely worn. 4 x Alexandra W105T, lightweight pale blue short-sleeved overall (no longer in catalogue), well worn. 3 x Dickies short-sleeved coveralls, pale, navy and medium blue, all have zip front rather than studs, barely worn. 1 x Dickies winter insulated overall, navy blue (purchased on eBay), worn frequently in winter for gardening. 1 x EVF ski overall-suit, two shades of blue (purchased on eBay), worn during recent snow-extreme cold. 2 x Initial white food industry boilersuits with short sleeves (purchased on eBay) "summer nightsuits" 2 x Alexandra W210T, white, size 42, 108cm. worn every day - "Nightsuit"-IT - have had at least six of these over the years. I did also have some more but have had to sell them or give them away due to a lack of space, amongst others there were two Royal Navy issue white cotton officers coveralls (cream colour due to flame retardant finish) and two Alexandra Cadenza denim boilersuits. I am hoping to get a Skoda mechanics overall to go with my Fabia vRS, unfortunately they seem hard to obtain even on eBay. I have only bought plain ones (no names-logos) up to now. H Wright - Feb 2010

  42. My interest started somewhere in my teens. Decided at some point, and for some reason, i had to have some overalls of my own. First pair I ever tried on belonged to my father. Just had to try them on and loved the feeling of being covered all over, though they were miles too big for me at the time. Eventually got my own which fitted perfectly, and owned many pairs since. Worn them to work in the past, also working on car, painting etc. as well as for fun :)

  43. All started when I was nineteen or so, and would go on camping trips with my team. One time, in the frigid wilds of Yorkshire, the Captain provided us all with boilersuits to sleep in out of the boot of his car, so that we didn't all freeze. Sleeping there, naked under a boilersuit, I felt the weirdest kinship with all my fellows - Not quite sexual, but not quite platonic, either. And now lounging around the house in my comfy coveralls just brings back that kind of feeling.

  44. One day I just saw guys from Bardon Aggregates wearing hi vis orange boilersuits and thought to myself i want one of these. 6 years later and I got my first hi-vis orange boilersuit and now iv got 2 of them and wear at least one of them (if not both) all the time.

  45. I grew up on a farm so my dad and uncle would always wear them. I had my first sexual experiences when I was really young with a young lad who was working on the farm and he was wearing blue overalls and green wellies. Absolutely love them now!

  46. I was always interested in Coveralls growing up, When i was 16 I was issued a zip front coverall which We all had to wear for a 12 hour shift,We had to wash our own suits, I rarely did, I rarely used to take My suit off, I Slept in it and washed it and My body once a fortnight, being a 20 stone 16 year old I used to sweat all the time and I must of Stank really bad .I started to collect coveralls from Car boot sales .I now wear a dickies short sleeve coverall every day in the summer and a Flexothane Rubber Coverall in the winter and Sleep in an all in one sleepsuit .I now shower once a week. I have just brought a Viking Rubber Drysuit which I have worn for 2 days without taking off (Yes I did wet myself inside it) But Man was it HOT in the suit the sweat was running out of ever part of my body, I NEVER ware underwear under my suits . I Love my Coveralls and always will do.Thanks for this Website.

  47. First got interested in overalls as a teenager. My dad had a garage rented off the council on our estate. Many families did. We couldn't afford garage repairs so he did any car repairs himself as everyone else did. He used to walk back home on a Sunday in his old oily pair of ex National Coal Board overalls. He was a coal miner so old overalls from work then were used for car repairs. I then started to help him and bought some 2nd hand mechanics overalls with the name across the back of them. Light blue they were. Wore them with old army boots and an old T shirt. I remember us changing a gearbox one weekend and it was a filthy job. First time i was covered in old engine oil and i was being turned on!! We were both covered in oil- me a little more than him strangely. He left me to finish off clearing up and I was in my element fantasising about being a mechanic. I went on to help other blokes from the estate who were working on their cars again getting dirty. I developed a liking for engines and went on to become a motor mechanic. Can sometimes get a bit tedious getting dirty everyday and covered in oil BUT other days I love it. Always worked in back street garages that were a bit rougher rather than chains of garages that were very clean. You cant get me out of my overalls now. I've got about 20 pairs in the garage with Rigger boots and high viz.

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